ADS-B Out Honeywell Primus II Solution

ADS-B Out Honeywell Primus II Solution

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Unique STC

At Pro Star Aviation, we understand the value your aircraft has to your business. Modifying the Honeywell Primus II radio package in your aircraft to meet the ADS-B mandate is now more affordable and requires less downtime.

Pro Star Aviation's AML/STC for the Honeywell Primus II ADS-B upgrade covers every platform at the lowest industry pricing of $7,500 USD.

Over the past two decades, we have established an efficient process to create complete STC Kits to provide you, the customer, with the best value. We are so confident in the work we deliver; we guarantee all craftsmanship for the life of the install.

We're here to help - Limited Time SAVINGS

From now until the end of 2019, Honeywell has reduced its exchange pricing. Depending on your aircraft and the part number of your units, Pro Star Aviation can modify your aircraft to meet the ADS-B mandate starting at $65K, in as few as 7 working days.

The exchange program includes:

  • Communications unit

  • Radio management unit (RMU)

  • New RCZ strap module/kit

  • New GNSSU or KGS-200 GPS

Our ability to complete the modification in such a short timeframe is made possible by utilizing Honeywell’s exchange program, our expert installers and our own AML/STC ST00361BO.



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About Our STC Solution

STC Referenced:ST00361BO - Installation of Honeywell Primus II (XS-852) ADS-B Out System (FAA)
STC Holder:Pro Star Aviation LLC
Approval Date:July 2016
Reissue Date:October 2018


STC AML addresses the most popular business and corporate aircraft known to be equipped with Honeywell Primus II systems:

BAe.125 Series
800A | -800B | -1000A | -1000B

CL-600-2B16 (601-3A & 601-3R Variant)

550 (II & Bravo) | 560 (V, Ultra, Encore) | 560XL (Excel & XLS) | 650 (III, VI, VII) | 750 (X)

328-100 | 328-300

EMB-135 Series (ER, LR, KE, KL, BJ)
EMB-145 Series (ER, MR, LR, XR, MP, EP)

Global Express

800 | 800XP | 1000

40 | 45

STC Package contents

STC Document
STC Approved Model List (AML)
Mechanical & Electrical Drawings
Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA)
Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) Supplement


ST00361BO authorizes four (4) different configurations:

  • CONFIG 1 - Dual Primus II RCZ Communication units interfaced with a single BendixKing KGS-200 GNSS

  • CONFIG 2 - Dual Primus II RCZ Communication units interfaced with a single Honeywell WAAS GNSU

  • CONFIG 3 - Dual Primus II RCZ Communication units interfaced with a dual Honeywell WAAS GNSU

  • CONFIG 4 - Dual Primus II RCZ Communication units interfaced with a single/dual Universal UNS-1(x)w GNSS

Installation according to the STC includes:

  • Radio Management Unit (RMU) Upgrade to RCZ-8xx(L)(M)

  • Primus II Communications Unit Upgrade (RCZ-8xx)

  • New Configuration Modules (IK-8xx)

  • Interface with new or existing WAAS GPS unit(s)

Installation facilities will be responsible for ensuring the aircraft, at completion of the installation, is equipped - at a minimum - with the following:

  • Dual RM-855 RMU’s

  • At least one GPS source listed below:

    • KGS-200 GNSS GPS

    • HG2021GD06 WAAS GNSSU


  • Dual RCZ-8xx communication units

  • IK-837 or IK-839 RCZ Strap Module/Kit

Equipment Location on Aircraft

(Radio Communications Unit)
(Global Positioning System)
(Radio Communications Unit)
Strap Module/Kit
(wiring modification)
*Two PN's are available from Applied Avionics; 28V DC or 5V DC.
*Our STC uses only GPS's that provide selective availability (SA)

Installation Requirements - minimal equipment

IK-837 or IK-839 Strap Module/Kit

Wiring modifications between the GNSSU/KGS-200 and the RCZ units (at a minimum) are required to complete the ADS-B out installation.

RCZ Strap Module/Kit (1 of 2)

RCZ Strap Module/Kit (1 of 2)

RCZ Strap Module/Kit (2of 2)

RCZ Strap Module/Kit (2of 2)


Active Antenna (GPS)

Any installation involving upgrade of GNSSU's to -GD06 PN or to a KGS-200, an active antenna will be required to get that system in full compliance with DO-260B standards and ADS-B Out mandates. 

GPS Active Antenna w/ SBAS

GPS Active Antenna w/ SBAS


Supporting Documentation