Department CONTACTS

Doug England
Certification Manager,
FAA ODA Administrator & DER

Bus: (603) 627-7827 x102
Cell: (603) 236-6718

Jeff Kahn
Certification Project Manager
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x145


Jeff Shaw
Business Development
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x112
Cell: (603) 845-9235



Our FAA STC Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) works in partnership with equipment manufacturers, engineers, project managers and other modification facilities to develop STC's utilizing the conventional FAA certification process.


Since 1998, we have developed over 50 STC's for Part 23, 25, 27 and 29 aircraft for a variety of aircraft systems to include:

  • TCAS
  • FMS
  • EFIS
  • ESIS
  • Moving Map
  • Cabin IFE
  • RVSM
  • Special Missions/ALE modifications

Our Team

Available for primary or consultant hire, we employ the following:

  • Designated Engineering Representatives (DER)
  • Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR)
  • ODA Unit Members (UM)
  • STC Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) personnel *more info

STC ODA Certification

In July, 2012, Pro Star Aviation was appointed as an FAA STC ODA under ODA number ODA-833063-NE. With oversight from the FAA’s Boston Aircraft Certification Office (ACO), our STC ODA is authorizated to make findings of compliance to FAA regulations and to issue STCs with minimal oversight by the FAA.

Authorized to to approve;

  • Design data
  • Analysis and test plans
  • Witness compliance testing
Authorized to issue (in conjunction with STC projects):
  • Airworthiness certificates
  • Special flight permits

STC Development

The process for STC development can be complex. For each STC project we provide a project manager to oversee the entire project and to manage every task and critical phase to better ensure nothing gets missed and the shortest timeline for STC development is realized.

Our ODA can partner with your engineering team for STC approvals through a collaborative, integrated process.

Our Partnering Advantage

The biggest advantage of using Pro Star Aviation’s ODA is access to the ODA staff to complete your project within your time frame. With the addition of 'off-site facilities procedures' into our ODA Procedures Manual in 2015, Pro Star Aviation's ODA can now perform certification work on aircraft located in approved facilities around the world, not only at our facility in New Hampshire.



Hot Products


  • Electrical & Mechanical Systems
  • Metallic & Non-metallic Structures
  • Flight Test & Analyst
  • Lightning
  • Acoustical
  • Interior Arrangements
  • Inspections
Our team works together performing the necessary functions to support timely certifications of design changes developed by Pro Star Aviation’s engineering department and outside companies bringing their certification needs us.