NCATT Certified Technicians

Our certified technicians work thoroughly through each squawk ensuring every component or system is returned to service fully mission capable (FMC) - the first time, every time.

Services & Inspections

  • FAR Part 91.411 & 91.413 "Certs"

  • 12 Month Part 135 Inspections

  • RVSM Certifications

  • 24 Month Altimeter & Transponder Certifications

  • Emergency Power Supply Checks

  • CVR underwater locator beacon (ULB) Inspections

  • Pitot Static Testing

  • NiCAD & Lead Acid Battery Testing/Replacement

Major Manufacturer Agreements

Being a dealer for most major avionics manufacturers gives us the ability to offer timely and cost effective loaners, spares and replacements.

AOG Service in New England

We can be anywhere in the New England area within 24 hours

  • Troubleshooting Expertise

  • Avionics Repairs

  • Avionics Loaners & Replacements

Extended Warranty Service Plans

We support and sell both service contracts;

Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan (MSP)

Collins Corporate Avionics Service Program (CASP)

We guarantee:

  • Competitive pricing on factory repairs, rentals and exchanges for all line replaceable units (LRU's)

  • Dedicated troubleshooting support to assist in identifying the cause of component and/or system malfunction

If you're looking to purchase a plan for your aircraft, contact our Service Contract Representative:

Gerry Latour | (603) 627-7827 x118 | send email

Pro Star

No matter where we work,
we produce quality
on time - every time

ON-THE-FLY Avionics Service is available to throughout Central and Southern New England* for troubleshooting, repair and replacement services.

*Out of area locations are considered on a case-by-case basis.

A few advantages of choosing our ON-THE-FLY Service;

  • Quick AOG response

  • Greater flexibility in managing time - customer chooses the location to perform the service

  • Maximize your downtime - combine service events with other installations or up-coming maintenance events

  • Work performed by NCATT Certified technicians

  • All work backed by a 100% Pro Star Aviation Warranty on Workmanship

  • Great customer service & avionics service support

  • HAPP & CASP plans honored

For more information about our ON-THE-FLY service, call:  (603) 627-7827 x118.

Department CONTACTs

Gerry Latour
Avionics Service Manager/
Sales - Extended Warranty Service Plans

Bus: (603) 627-7827 x118
Cell: (603) 566-2767

Zach Leighton
Avionics Service Technician
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x124
Cell: (603) 264-8031