Your avionics investments and aircraft downtime are important to us.

At Pro Star, we Standby our Quoted Price and do our very best to ensure return to service dates.

Department CONTACTS

Kurt Kitner
Avionics Installation Manager
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x144
Cell: (603) 491-4819

Keith Chagnon
Installation Lead
Bus: (603) 627-7827
Cell: (603) 491-1909


Jeff Shaw
Business Development
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x112
Cell: (603) 845-9235


Our Installation department has become widely known for its expertise in completing sophisticated modifications in virtually any location. 


  • Avionics Installations

  • Factory Quality Wiring

  • Testing

  • Structural Modifications

  • System Design

  • Custom Engineering

  • Avionics System Certification


Throughout the last two decades the bulk of our installation work has been working on the following:

  • TAWS


  • TCAS

  • ADS-B

  • RVSM

  • AFIS

  • HF & VHF Communications Systems


  • In-Flight WiFi

  • CNS ATM required equipment

  • ELT

  • CVR

  • Flight Management Systems (FMS)

  • EFIS

  • Air Data Computers

  • GPS & VHF Navigational Systems

  • Security Systems

  • Cabin Entertainment Systems

Our Partners

We are proud to have partnered with virtually all of the major Avionics Equipment Manufacturers, and we continue to form successful business relationships with key vendors throughout the industry.

Going beyond selling - we invest.

With feedback from our customers, we keep the communication flowing back to our manufacturers and vendors. We find these conversations are important to everyone involved; our customers gain a voice; our partners receive valuable information to help improve their products.




We are not currently hiring for this department. See our available jobs here.


No matter where we work,
we produce quality on time - every time

Our ON-THE-FLY Installation service option provides customers a convenient, and often valuable, time-saving benefit over work performed at our home-based facilities at MHT.

This service is available throughout the United States, as well as overseas* (i.e, India, the Middle East).

*Overseas service is considered on a case-by-case basis.

A few advantages realized through ON-THE-FLY Service;

  • Work performed by NCATT Certified technicians

  • Convenient installation - at a customer preferred location

  • Time saving - Shorter downtime often results.

  • High quality installations backed by a 100% Pro Star Aviation Warranty on Workmanship

  • Great customer service & installation support

 - NOTE -

To ensure that quality and efficiency of the work performed by our technicians does not get compromised by moving an installation off-site,
we must take into consideration each work-scope before authorizing this service to our customers. Because of this, this service option may not be available for all installation work.

For more information about our ON-THE-FLY service, call Sales at: (603) 627-7827 x112


Department CONTACTs

Gerry Latour
Avionics Repair Manager/
Extended Warranty Programs & Sales

Bus: (603) 627-7827 x118
Cell: (603) 566-2767

Zach Leighton
Avionics Technician
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x124
Cell: (603) 264-8031

NCATT Certified Technicians

Our certified technicians work thoroughly through each squawk ensuring every component or system is returned to service fully mission capable (FMC) - the first time, every time.

Services & Inspections

  • FAR Part 91.411 & 91.413 "Certs"

  • 12 Month Part 135 Inspections

  • RVSM Certifications

  • 24 Month Altimeter & Transponder Certifications

  • Emergency Power Supply Checks

  • CVR underwater locator beacon (ULB) Inspections

  • Pitot Static Testing

  • NiCAD & Lead Acid Battery Testing/Replacement

Major Manufacturer Agreements

Being a dealer for most major avionics manufacturers gives us the ability to offer timely and cost effective loaners, spares and replacements.

AOG Service in New England

We can be anywhere in the New England area within 24 hours

  • Troubleshooting Expertise

  • Avionics Repairs

  • Avionics Loaners & Replacements

Avionics Service Plans

We support and sell both service contracts;

Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP)

Collins Corporate Avionics Service Program (CASP)

We guarantee:

  • Competitive pricing on factory repairs, rentals and exchanges for all line replaceable units (LRU's)

  • Dedicated troubleshooting support to assist in identifying the cause of component and/or system malfunction

If you're looking to purchase a plan for your aircraft, contact our Service Contract Representative:

Gerry Latour | (603) 627-7827 x118 | send email



No matter where we work,
we produce quality on time - every time

ON-THE-FLY Avionics Service is available to throughout Central and Southern New England* for troubleshooting, repair and replacement services.

*Out of area locations are considered on a case-by-case basis.

A few advantages of choosing our ON-THE-FLY Service;

  • Quick AOG response

  • Greater flexibility in managing time - customer chooses the location to perform the service

  • Maximize your downtime - combine service events with other installations or up-coming maintenance events

  • Work performed by NCATT Certified technicians

  • All work backed by a 100% Pro Star Aviation Warranty on Workmanship

  • Great customer service & avionics service support

  • HAPP & CASP plans honored

For more information about our ON-THE-FLY service, call:  (603) 627-7827 x118.

FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Station - Northeast U.S.

Staffed by highly experienced technicians who use their knowledge to ensure every decision is sound, smart and forward thinking, helps us deliver a quality product on time - every time, at the best price around.


Chris Mancini
Director of Maintenance
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x147
Cell: (860) 929-9402

Warren Egersheim
Maintenance Supervisor
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x106
Cell: (978) 994-1769


Dan Hodgins
Sales Manager
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x137
Cell: (813) 714-6566


Pro Star Aviation is a fully authorized Part 145 repair station with capabilities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Calendar / Hourly inspections

  • NiCad and Lead Acid battery servicing

  • Structural Inspections / Repairs

  • Unscheduled Maintenance

  • Mobile Repair Service throughout New England
    (See ON-THE-FLY Service Option, right column)

Maintenance Service

Authorized Pilatus Service Center - Northeast US

  • Pilatus PC-12

  • Pilatus PC-24

Your best resource for servicing an aircraft from Pilatus is your nearest Authorized Service Center - in the Northeast U.S. that's Pro Star Aviation.

Whether it is knowledge of service bulletin history, maintenance requirements, publications, spare parts or warranty administration your Authorized Service Center is the expert when it comes to understanding your Pilatus PC-12 & PC-24 aircraft.

Our technicians are trained specifically on each airframe and their work comes backed with a full warranty. Plus, we keep a full stock of Pilatus parts.

Limited Aircraft Capabilities

  • Baron

  • Bonanza

  • Cessna Citation CJ3 (525B)

  • Challenger 600 series

  • Hawker 400 series

  • Hawker 800 series

  • Hawker 900 series

  • King Air 200 series

  • King Air 300 series

  • King Air C90

engine Service

Authorized Service Center

  • Honeywell TFE731 Turbofan


  • Lycoming

  • Pratt & Whitney: *Also a PW&C OEM parts dealer

    • PT6 Turboprop series

    • JT15D Turbofan series

  • Teledyne International

  • Williams FJ44-2 A/3A *limited capabilities

  • APU

  • Accessories

Protection Plans

Your aircraft is a costly investment, because of this Pro Star Aviation honors and sells the following aircraft protection plans to help you manage future maintenance and avionics costs;

  • Honeywell Mechanical Protection Plan (MPP)

  • Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP)

  • Rockwell Collins Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASP)

For more information about these protection plans or purchasing costs, please contact our Service Contract Representative:

Gerry Latour | (603) 627-7827 x118 | send email



No matter where we work,
we produce quality on time - every time

ON-THE-FLY Maintenance Service is available throughout Central and Southern New England on a case-by-case basis.

ON-THE-FLY Maintenance Service provides;

  • Quick AOG response

  • The option to maximize your downtime - combine maintenance with schedules avionics service or installations

  • Work performed by certified technicians

  • All work backed by a 100% Pro Star Aviation Warranty on Workmanship

  • Great customer service & avionics service support

  • Honeywell MPP, HAPP & CASP plans honored

For more information about our ON-THE-FLY service, call:  (603) 627-7827 x147.

part Sales

Scott Olson
Purchasing & Materials Manager
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x107
Direct: (603) 518-8552


Parts Sales

Aircraft Specific

We maintain a continuous inventory of parts & accessories for Pilatus aircraft.


Engine specific

Being part of the Pratt & Whitney Canada OEM Service Centre Network means all P&W engine parts ordered through us are the same as if P&W ordered them themselves.

Call Scott for your P&W OEM parts today (603) 518-8552.


Parts Locating

Parts Locating

Until the Textron Aviation merger of 2016, Pro Star Aviation was a Hawker-Beechraft Service Center for ten years. Through our extensive industry contacts developed during that time, we continue to offer our assistance in locating Hawker, King Air, Premier, Baron & Bonanza parts.

Loaners & Repairs

Our department works closely with our Avionics Departments to provide loaners and repairs to our customers for common avionics components.

Job Openings

We are not currently hiring for this department. See our available jobs here.

Department CONTACTs

Donald Fleurant
Special Missions Program Manager
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x123
Cell: (603) 566-0724


John Hill
Technical Sales:
Avionics | Special Missions | ALE

Bus: (603) 627-7827 x124
Cell: (781) 858-7375

Controlling the process throughout
Conception - Certification - Installation

Special Missions & ALE Projects

Our engineering, installation and modification teams have the experience needed when adapting non-standard equipment to unique aircraft cabin or cockpit configurations in a variety of aircraft platforms.

With in-house structures support, engineering support, project managers and installers, we have you covered every step of the way.

Common Projects

  • Audio systems

  • CMWS systems

  • EMS systems & modifications

  • Flight Inspection systems

  • FLIR systems

  • IRCM systems

  • Military/Airborne Law Enforcement modifications

  • Photography systems

  • Surveillance systems

  • Surveying systems

Custom A-Kit Designs

Integrate the latest technology into your fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft with our custom A-Kit designs. We are thorough, meticulous and use extreme caution when retrofitting your systems.

  • 3D prototypes

  • Project Managers

  • Continuous engineering & certification support

  • Complete designs with STC approval & AWR provisions


Department CONTACTS

Doug England
Certification Manager,
FAA ODA Administrator & DER

Bus: (603) 627-7827 x102
Cell: (603) 236-6718

Jeffrey Kahn
Certification Project Manager
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x145


Jeff Shaw
Business Development
Bus: (603) 627-7827 x112
Cell: (603) 845-9235



Our FAA STC Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) works in partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), aerospace engineers, project managers, outside aircraft modification facilities, as well as pilots and/or owners and operators of aircraft to develop STC's utilizing the conventional FAA certification process.


In the past 20 years, we have developed over 70 FAA STC's for Part 23, 25, 27 and 29 aircraft - some which also have international approval from agencies like; EASA, TCCA, ANAC, DGAC, etc. The majority of our STC’s primarily involved the following aircraft systems:

  • TCAS

  • FMS


  • EFIS

  • ESIS

  • Moving Map

  • Cabin IFE

  • RVSM

  • Special Missions/ALE modifications

Our Team

Available for primary or consultant hire, we employ the following:

  • Designated Engineering Representatives (DER)

  • Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR)

  • ODA Unit Members (UM)

  • STC Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) personnel *more info

STC ODA Certification

In July, 2012, Pro Star Aviation was appointed as an FAA STC ODA under ODA number ODA-833063-NE. With oversight from the FAA’s Boston Aircraft Certification Office (ACO), our STC ODA is authorized to make findings of compliance to FAA regulations and to issue STCs with minimal oversight by the FAA.

Authorized to to approve;

  • Design data
  • Analysis and test plans
  • Witness compliance testing
Authorized to issue (in conjunction with STC projects):
  • Airworthiness certificates
  • Special flight permits

STC Development

The process for STC development can be complex. For each STC project we provide a project manager to oversee the entire project and to manage every task and critical phase to better ensure nothing gets missed and the shortest timeline for STC development is realized.

Our ODA can partner with your engineering team for STC approvals through a collaborative, integrated process.

Our Partnering Advantage

The biggest advantage of using Pro Star Aviation’s ODA is access to the ODA staff to complete your project within your time frame. With the addition of 'off-site facilities procedures' in our ODA Procedures Manual, since 2015 Pro Star Aviation's ODA has been able to perform certification work on aircraft located in approved facilities around the world, not only our New Hampshire based facilities.



Hot Products


  • Electrical & Mechanical Systems
  • Structures - Metallic & Non-metallic
  • Flight Test & Analyst
  • Lighting
  • Acoustical
  • Interior Arrangements
  • Inspections
Our team works together performing the necessary functions to support timely certifications of design changes developed by Pro Star Aviation’s engineering department and outside companies bringing their certification needs us.

Pro Star Aviation's Engineering Department is ready to serve their customers.

Whether we’re upgrading avionics, creating designs to install a next generation system, or just providing sound advice,
Pro Star Aviation's Engineering Department strives to make your aircraft needs a reality.

The Team

Our Engineering Department consists of the following personnel;

  • Aircraft Systems Engineers
  • Aircraft Structures Engineers

Together we have over 30 years of experience providing design changes for airframe modifications, avionics system installations and system upgrades.

Our Mission

Our department seeks to provide effective electrical and mechanical solutions to aircraft avionics installations and modifications through our ever increasing experience and knowledge of various aircraft platforms and equipment. 


Our staff provides all manner of services that vary from technical consultations and troubleshooting to complex and involved airframe modifications and overhauls.


Designs are typically completed long before your aircraft ever arrives at our facility adding to less downtime for your aircraft.

Shop Equipment

The engineering department makes use of multiple CAD programs to produce high quality professional wiring diagrams, structural drawings, and 3D CAD models.

Job openings