Completed: AVANCE L5 Triple Install on Challenger 605's

Pro Star Aviation has completed three back-to-back Gogo Business Aviation AVANCE™ L5 system installations for a client’s fleet of three Bombardier Challenger 605’s. All work was completed at Pro Star Aviation’s new state-of-the-art facility based at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (KMHT) in just under 30 days.

The AVANCE™ L5 system installation consists of; mounting two (2) large 900mhz Dual Directional Antennas on the lower fuselage; relocating the L5 transceiver under the cabin floor; installing six (6) new Wi-Fi antennas and two (2) Terrestrial Modem/Wifi bridge Antennas within the cabin.

To simplify day-to-day operations among both aircrew and passengers, Pro Star modified each aircraft with a single-installation design - providing fleet commonality. The mirror-like setups help streamline operations when moving between aircraft - saving time, minimizing frustrations, and enhancing safety in operations for aircrew - due to redundancy in system components and switch locations.

To keep two aircraft flyable at all times for their client, Pro Star scheduled the series of installations in a consecutive order. The additional space available in their new facility makes scheduling in this way possible. Each aircraft took a little over one week to complete from start to finish.

Speaking to this, Pro Star Aviation’s Director of Business Development, Jeffrey Shaw, stated, “Being able to leverage our new facilities spacious floor allows us to accomplish multiple avionics installation and maintenance events simultaneously, therefore minimizing downtime for our clients. The shorter downtime allows them to take advantage of upgrading to a new system like Gogo’s AVANCE™ L5 without a big interruption to their busy flight schedule.”