Pro Star Expands Universal FMS STC

Dual Universal UNS-1Espw FMS’s with “Push to Load” capabilities

Dual Universal UNS-1Espw FMS’s with “Push to Load” capabilities

FANS 1/A+ and CPDLC Enhancements

Pro Star Aviation, a premier Business aircraft modification facility, amended STC ST00158BO for Single or Dual Universal WAAS equipped FMS on Honeywell Primus 1000 equipped Citation series aircraft. It’s one of the first dealer approvals with SCN 1002.1 that allows for compliance with NextGen enhancements such as CPDLC, FANS, and ADS-B Out.

Pro Star Aviation added a new configuration to allow installation of dual UNS-1Espw Flight Management Systems with the latest software SCN 1002.1. This complies with FANS, Continental CPDLC with U.S. “Push to Load” capabilities.

Continental CPDLC, (Data Comm in the US or ATN-B1 in Europe) is a NextGen advancement in communication between Air Traffic Controllers and pilots to increase safety by reducing workload. FANS 1/A+ is rapidly becoming a mandated requirement for operations in remote airspace and is becoming the most effective method for ATC and Pilot communications for en route and terminal operations.

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