Pro Star Helps Advent Expand eABS AML STC; Maximizes Down-Time in the Process

Advent's eABS STC

Pro Star Aviation is proud to announce that we have completed all installation requirements on our second King Air series in support of Advent Aircraft Systems eABS™ AML STC SA03275CH - Installation of an antiskid braking system. The culmination of our efforts has successfully added the King Air 200 Series to their eABS™ STC under amendment 3, dated June 30, 2017.

KA250 - new eABS hubcaps


Our first aircraft, the King Air 300 Series, was completed at the start of 2017, which along with the Pilatus PC-12 series (completed by Atlas Aircraft), received FAA approval January 11, 2017 and EASA approval June 6, 2017. To date, and to include this latest airframe, Advent's eABS™ is approved to be installed on all Textron Aviation King Air 200 & 300 series aircraft and the Pilatus Aircraft PC-12 series for all U.S. and European registered aircraft. Transport Canada (TCCA) approval is currently pending for Canadian registered aircraft, and is expected by the end of July, 2017, while Australian approval (CASA) is also in the works, without any definite timeline to report.

For more information about Advent's eABS™ system, please visit

Maximizing Down-Time

With the eABS™ installation taking two to three weeks to complete, Pro Star was able to coordinate the completion of a few desired interior modifications for the owner of the King Air 250. This additional work resulted in a 'first ever' working relationship between Pro Star Aviation and Executive Aircraft Interiors (EAI) based out of Oxford-Waterbury Airport (OXC) in Connecticut.

Below shows some of the interior modifications EAI completed during this down-time:

(1) Removal of a forward facing cabin seat and a pyramid style wooden cabinet which made room for a two seat divan.

Two-Seat Divan (post-mod)

KA250 pyramid cabinet (pre-mod)

(2) Removal of the coffee maker, electrical and coffee cabinet which allowed for expanded storage space in the cabin.

KA250 - Expanded storage space (post-mod)

KA250 - facing aft (post-mod)

(3) the additional of extra cup holders and umbrella storage straps for passengers.

KA250 - facing fwd (post mod)

Stay tuned for more from Pro Star Aviation, and Thank You for reading!
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