FAA Approval of ADS-B Out STC Solutions for Honeywell Legacy Avionics

Pro Star Aviation has been awarded an FAA Approved Aircraft Make and Model List (AML) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) ST00361BO - Installation of a Honeywell Primus II (XS-852) ADS-B Out System.

The STC provides ADS-B solutions for the majority of business aircraft equipped with Honeywell Primus II radio suites as well as Honeywell SPZ-8000, Primus-1000 and Primus-2000 flight control and display systems.

ST00361BO addresses thousands of Primus II equipped aircraft which had few choices available to meet the 2020 ADS-B mandates. The STC is compliant with both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) 2020 ADS-B mandates, as well as with the DO-260B standards required for flight above FL180.

Aircraft included on the STC’s AML;

  • Challenger 601

  • Citation 550 (II)

  • Citation 560 (V, Encore, Ultra)

  • Citation 560 XL (Excel)

  • Citation 650 (III, VI, VII)

  • Citation 750 (X)

  • Learjet 40

  • Learjet 45

  • Global Express (5000, 6000)

  • Hawker 800 & 1000 series

Pro Star Aviation, in collaboration with Honeywell Aerospace, developed the STC specifically to give operators more flexibility and choice when equipping their aircraft to meet ADS-B mandates Worldwide. Addressed within the STC, is the upgrade of unsupported RM 855 RMU's to support ADS-B annunciation and control, as well as the upgrade of existing RCZ communication units.

To provide owners and operators more flexibility and choice when interfacing with the mandated WAAS GPS sensor, the following GPS units were approved to interface with the Primus II Radio Suite;

  1. Bendix King KGS-200

  2. Honeywell GNSSU (WAAS)

  3. COMING SOON:  Universal's WAAS FMS GPS
    *Pro Star anticipates Universal WAAS FMS approval by fourth quarter 2016

Jeffrey Shaw, Pro Star Aviation’s Director of Business Development, stated...

"This AML STC covers nearly all of the Primus II equipped aircraft and gives these unique aircraft a fully integrated solution to meet the looming worldwide ADS-B mandates.

Additionally, through our partnership with Honeywell Aerospace, we have secured special discounts for those customers interested in purchasing a Honeywell Avionics Protection Program (HAPP) contract at the same time."

Installation of this STC can be accomplished by Pro Star Aviation at their Manchester, NH based facility (MHT), or at an operator’s home facility by utilizing their ON-THE-FLY Service option.

Additionally, ST00361BO can be purchased by any Authorized Honeywell Dealer directly from Pro Star Aviation by calling (603) 627-7827.

For owners and operators interested in taking advantage of the special HAPP discounts mentioned above, please call Pro Star’s Sales Department at (603) 627-7827 for more information.