Pro Star Completes the 1st King Air 300 series Advent eABS modification

Londonderry, NH (April 17, 2017) - Pro Star Aviation is proud to announce we have just completed the very first Advent Aircraft System eABS modification on a King Air 300 series aircraft; a King Air 350i.

King Air 300 eABS Kit components

The installation was performed during the first two weeks of April in our main hangar in New Hampshire at the request of a customer looking to retrofit their King Air 350i with ABS technology similar to the company's larger ABS equipped jets. Effectively, this modification would provide their pilots with an easier transition when switching between flying either aircraft.

King Air 350i axle (pre-mod)

King Air 350i axle (post-mod). New axle hubs are tell-tale of the eABS modification being performed.

According to the Chief Pilot of the King Air 350i,

“ The eABS system has all the technology the large jets have plus tactile feedback. This provides our pilots with operating commonality within the fleet and has the added benefit of the latest in brake system safety technology for the King Air ."

Regarding the modification, Pro Star’s Sales Manager, Dan Hodgins, stated,

“As the Advent eABS Dealer for the Northeast, we are very proud to be the very first facility to have installed this anti-skid braking system on a King Air 300 series aircraft. The modification itself takes about ten days to complete.

Until recently, this product wasn’t available to the turboprop market, but with the level of improved braking performance it provides during adverse weather conditions and when encountering unforeseen contamination on runways, it has a lot to offer pilots in regards to safety. We have no doubt this system will become popular among turboprop customers, such as King Air and PC-12 operators. Recently, we’ve experienced a lot of interest in this upgrade and are looking forward to performing more of these modifications in the future. ”

When asked about the company’s first King Air 300 series modification, Advent Aircraft Systems’ VP of Marketing & Sales, Thomas Grunbeck, had this to say,

“The Advent eABS system is the first ABS for airplanes with unpowered brakes, like the King Air 350. It seamlessly integrates with the airplane and Pro Star has made an exceptional effort installing the very first system on a King Air B300 aircraft. We are privileged to have Pro Star in our Dealer Network, and are looking forward to retrofitting more King Air B300’s now that we have the FAA STC with MEL relief. ”

Advent Aircraft Systems is currently in pursuit of an STC for the installation of their eABS system in the Pilatus PC-12. With flight tests completed, they anticipate receiving approval from the FAA by the end of the month.

Advent Aircraft Systems developed the first Anti-Skid Braking System for unpowered brakes. This patented Anti-Skid Braking System (eABS) is a digital and active system with haptic function. Current certified applications include Eclipse 550/500, T-6, King Air B300/B200 and
PC-12. In addition Advent designs, analyzes, manufactures, tests, certifies and supports proprietary components and systems for air vehicles. The company capabilities include hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, environmental control, aircraft sensor, water and oxygen components and systems. For more information, visit