Pro Star Helps Advent Expand eABS AML STC; Maximizes Down-Time in the Process

Pro Star Helps Advent Expand eABS AML STC; Maximizes Down-Time in the Process

Pro Star Aviation, has completed the initial installation work for Advent Aircraft Systems to get approval to install their eABS on Textron Aviation King Air 200 Series Aircraft, which was approved by the FAA June 30th. The work-order for this included taking advantage of the down-time the eABS system required to complete a list of interior modifications for the aircraft owner.

Pro Star Aviation ODA Issues FAA Approval a Transport Category First; Universal FMS Software Update

STC ST10058BO to add software version SCN 1001.X to a Single Universal Avionics Systems Corporation (UASC) UNS-1Espw with LPV Monitor or dual UASC UNS-1Lw Flight Management Systems (FMS) on Cessna Citations equipped with Honeywell P-1000.

FAA Approves Amendment for UAM & Lower Fuselage Radome STC

Amended UAM STC Adds Greater Flexibility & Serviceability

On January 30, 2017, Pro Star Aviation LLC obtained Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for an amendment to Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SA00334BO – Installation of Universal Antenna Mount (UAM) & Lower Fuselage Radome, an STC applicable to Textron Aviation (Beechcraft, Hawker Beechcraft, Raytheon) B300 (Super King Air 350) and B300C (Super King Air 350C) airframes. The amendment, a result of feedback from industry users, makes the design of the STC more versatile and mission flexible, while improving overall system inspection methods and operations.

Amendment Details:

  • Operational configurations were expanded to allow up to four antennas to be installed on the UAM when no radome is installed.
  • An optional design for aircraft pressure feedthru panels was added, allowing the panels to be removed from the interior of the aircraft when the radome and UAM are installed. This optional design facilitates the required visual inspections of the UAM and radome, allowing them to be accomplished without having to remove the radome and/or its sensitive payload.
  • UAM visual inspection intervals were increased to be accomplished at 800 hrs/Phase 4 inspection in the applicable Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA), aligning them with similar inspections.
  • Deviations found in follow-on installations in radome mounting points due to variations in aircraft production were incorporated.

Pro Star Aviation, with the support of its in-house Organizational Designation Authorization (ODA) delegation, routinely performs engineering and design work for specialized mission equipment, such as the UAM & Lower Fuselage Radome mentioned above, and deeply appreciates the feedback from users within the industry.

For additional information, please contact our Sales Department at (603) 627-7827.

FAA Approves STC - ADS-B Out Solution for MST-67A Equipped Aircraft

Pro Star Aviation, with support from its in-house Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) delegation, obtained Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) ST00373BO on January 5, 2017, for the Installation of Rockwell Collins TDR-94D Transponders with ADS-B Out.

In partnership with Rockwell Collins, Pro Star Aviation designed an STC to address ADS-B Out compliance for the vast number of aircraft equipped with BendixKing MST-67A transponders associated with the BendixKing CAS-67A or B TCAS II system.

Currently, BendixKing does not offer an upgrade program for MST-67A units to comply with ADS-B Out. Since the MST-67A transponders are a vital component of the CAS-67A or B TCAS II system, it is important to retain the integrity and approval of the existing TCAS installation while making the aircraft compliant with the 2020 ADS-B Out mandate.

Since the Rockwell Collins TDR-94D transponder is the only non-integrated transponder approved in the BendixKing installation manual that is compatible with the CAS-67A or B, Pro Star determined it to be the best replacement for the non-compliant MST-67A transponder.

Rockwell Collins TDR-94D Transponder

TDR-94D with last three -501 PNs

The design of the STC, utilizes a pair of Rockwell Collins TDR-94D units that fit in the same location as the MST-67A units. The existing wiring, antennas and the controller can be retained. In its new configuration, the TCAS system is both manufacturer tested and STC approved to be fully compliant using the new transponders.

The STC features an Approved Make and Model List covering, but not limited to, the following MST-67A equipped aircraft; Hawkers, Challenger, Falcons, Gulfstreams, Westwards, Saberliners and Citations.

While there are other solutions to replace the outdated MST-67A units, only the Rockwell Collins TDR-94D solution has been a BendixKing approved option for the CAS-67A or B TCAS II system since the system was first offered nearly two decades ago.

According to Pro Star Aviation’s Director of Business Development, Jeffrey Shaw,

“This STC is particularly useful in situations where there is concern for the integrity of the existing TCAS II system when changing transponder manufacturers in order to comply with ADS-B Out.”

The FAA has indicated that upgrading transponders to comply with ADS-B will not compromise the integrity of the existing TCAS, however changing transponder manufacturer all together is not specifically covered by the spirit of the FAA’s statement. Jeffrey went on to say,

“We are very pleased to be able to use a transponder type covered in the original BendixKing installation manual. The TDR-94D is the only model that meets the ADS-B mandate and is covered by the CAS 67 installation manual.”

For additional information, STC purchase, or to schedule an installation, please contact Pro Star’s Sales Department at (603) 627-7827.

FAA Approval of ADS-B Out STC Solutions for Honeywell Legacy Avionics

FAA Approval of ADS-B Out STC Solutions for Honeywell Legacy Avionics

New ADS-B Out AML STC available for Honeywell Legacy Avionics systems. The STC complies with 2020 ADS-B Mandates as well as DO-260B standards required for flight above FL180. It also addresses the upgrade of unsupported...

Pro Star named an Authorized Dealer for SmartSky 4G

Pro Star named an Authorized Dealer for SmartSky 4G

We are pleased to be able to offer SmartSky 4G to our customers at Pro Star Aviation. This Wi-Fi solution is promising, fast, reliable and uses game-changing technology that every business jet passenger has come to expect...

Appointed an e-ABS Dealer for Advent Aircraft Systems

Advent Aircraft Systems designs, analyzes, manufactures, tests, certifies and supports proprietary components and systems for air vehicles. The company capabilities include hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, environmental control, aircraft sensor, water and oxygen components and systems.

The company also offers independent testing, evaluation and MRO services for components produced by others.

Expediting the Certification Process for PHI’s HTAWs Implementation

(Londonderry, NH) - Pro Star Aviation's STC ODA performed the company’s first two Off-Site Facility STC projects for PHI, Inc., located in Lafayette, LA.

PHI has been working diligently to become an early adopter of the FAA Mandate that requires all Part 135 Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) aircraft to be equipped with a Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS) by April 24, 2017. With the large number of Bell 407 aircraft requiring modification, PHI sought the expertise of Pro Star Aviation’s STC ODA, with off-site facilities capabilities, to ensure an expedited STC timeline consistent with the FAA mandate.

PHI, Inc. is one of the world’s leading helicopter services companies. With more than 65 years of safe, reliable helicopter transportation, PHI has flown more hours in more conditions than any civilian helicopter company in the world. PHI offers high quality services to the offshore oil and gas, air medical and technical services industries, with a reach that extends across the United States and the world.

Pro Star Aviation received their Letter of Designation for the FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) in July, 2012. This designation authorizes Pro Star to act on behalf of the FAA when approving and issuingSTC’s, enabling them to manage the STC project from start to finish with minimal oversight by the FAA. Since 2012, Pro Star Aviation’s STC ODA designation has given them the authority to participate in more than 10 STC projects, the majority for Satellite Communication Systems, TCAS processors, and Special Missions/ALE modifications.

To contact Pro Star Aviation’s STC ODA, call (603) 627-7827 extension 112.

STC Approval - CAS 67B TCAS II Change 7.1 TCCA Approval

(Londonderry, NH) – New Hampshire based Pro Star Aviation announced today that they received Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) approval for FAA STC ST00347BO – Upgrade of BendixKing CAS 67A TCAS II Change 7.0 System to CAS 67B TCAS II Change 7.1. The STC is filed in the NAPA Issued Certificates Online (NICO) database as SA15-87 (issue 2), holder company; Pro Star Aviation, LLC.

The STC’s AML list covers various makes and models of business and corporate aircraft to include; Bombardier, Cessna and Learjet. The STC itself authorizes the exchange or upgrade of the two processor versions needed for compliance of MOPS Change 7.1 that was issued by the European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) on December 16, 2011 in response to the growing number of mid-air encounters that took place between 2000 and 2010, which studies attributed to an unacceptable safety risk involving the use of collision avoidance logic version 7.0.

According to this MOPS change, any aircraft operating in European airspace after December 1, 2015 without collision avoidance logic version 7.1 of ACAS II installed, will not be authorized to enter European airspace.

Since 1998, Pro Star Aviation has developed more than 50 STC’s for the business and corporate aviation industry. To receive more information about this STC, contact Sales at (603) 627-7827 ext. 112.

For more information about STC development and/or STC ODA services contact Pro Star’s Certifications Department at (603) 627-7827 ext. 102.