ADS-B Out Primus II Solution

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STC Referenced:ST00361BO - ADS-B Solution for Primus II (XS-852) ADS-B Out System (FAA)
STC Holder:Pro Star Aviation, LLC
Approval Date:July 2016


Pro Star Aviation teamed up with Honeywell Aerospace to create a complete STC solution for Primus II equipped aircraft that is both; compliant with current FAA & EASA ADS-B Out mandates, DO-206B standards, and offers owners & operators options in equipment upgrades and system configurations.



STC AML addresses the most popular business and corporate aircraft known to be equipped with a Primus II system:

Challenger 601

Citation 550 | 560 | 560XL | 650 | 750

Global Express

Hawker 800 | 1000

Learjet 40 | 45

STC Package contents:

Installation instructions
Flight Manual amendments
Supplemental paperwork
FAA Approved ADS-B Certification for the entire system
Support from the original engineers behind the STC's design & development


STC solution is:

  • Specific to Primus II equipped aircraft
  • Compliant with 2020 ADS-B Mandates & DO-260B Standards (required for flight above FL18)

STC solution provides:

  • Three (3) configuration choices for interfacing GPS's to RCZ unit(s)
  • Flexibility when interfacing GPS units with a WAAS GPS sensor
  • Replacement of RM-850's with RM-855's for ADS-B Out compliance
  • Supports GPS's that provide SA (selective availability) to meet DO-260B compliance standards.
    • GPS's with "Selective Availability Aware" (GPS SA) capable sensors provide Mode S Transponders with position, velocity, altitude, figure of merit, and integrity limit data.
  • Upgrade of existing RCZ-8xx units

Equipment Locations:

(Remote Monitoring Unit) (Global Positioning System) (Remote Communications Unit)
RM-855 (new/upgrade) KGS-200 (new) RCZ-8xx (upgrade)
*Two PN's are available from Applied Avionics; 28V DC or 5V DC) GNSSU (upgrade)

installation requirements:

Minimal Equipment: IK-837 or IK-839 Strap Module/Kit

Wiring modifications between the GNSSU/KGS-200 and the RCZ units (at a minimum) will be required to complete the ADS-B out installation.

When upgrading to a GNSSU -GD06 or KGS-200 an active antenna will also be required

Active antenna's integrate...



Primus II Solution