Our Mission

From the inception of our company, we knew that giving a customer

“what they want”

was the most essential element in exceeding their expectations. 



Pro Star Aviation was founded in 1998 with a focus on striving to deliver excellence in all phases of our Aviation business. We understand that the only way to achieve this is not only to listen carefully to the customer, but to really hear the customer.

We looked around the industry and realized that many times, customers were getting what they paid for, but not necessarily what they thought they had asked for.

Whether it is an avionics installation, aircraft maintenance activity, avionics repair, or a certification project, we, at Pro Star, recognize that managing the customers’ expectations from the onset is paramount to achieving true customer satisfaction.

With this in mind, we've assembled a group of knowledgeable, high achieving, customer focused individuals who thoroughly understand the importance of determining what the customer expects as an end result, and how to coordinate the various disciplines within Pro Star Aviation to achieve these results.

This core team has been the foundation of Pro Star Aviation’s ongoing growth and success throughout the years, and continues to mold our new team members with this same mission in mind.

A visit, or consult, with Pro Star’s team is your first step in assuring your aviation needs and expectations are fulfilled each and every time.